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pathological liar

2002-05-21<>12:14 p.m.

i totally forgot to mention that salty ron is a pathological liar.

"im going to see david cross in atlanta!!!" i was excited, and i let it be known.
"you mean the same show im going to?" salty said in a very nonchalant demeanor.
"... yeah. hey, when did you get your tickets?" i asked.
"weeks before you even mentioned it" once again, nonchalant.
"well then, why didnt you say anything about it?"

i forget what he said in response to this. but then i threw a baloon at him.

this was sunday. LAST NIGHT, monday, desiree asks him whether he's riding with us to atlanta. and he admits that he was lying.


pshhh... he only wishes he could be so cool as to see david cross.