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2002-05-21<>8:36 a.m.

a couple of points in last nights events that i failed to mention, just to make sure that the past couple of entries would not seem a little less picturesque... (double negative, i know, but i wanted those last four words... if you know why, tell me, and perhaps you may win.)

i cut my finger on the lid of the can of curry, and now it hurts like hell.

at some point in time after eating dinner and before leaving for fireflies, salty, ben and clayton stop by. salty called earlier saying that ben wants a copy of phantom planet and if possible, could i put tender by blur on that CD. i ended up making ben a CD of mixed phantom planet songs, with a bunch of new stuff that i havent even listened to yet. he asked for one blur song, i gave him three CD's. if im gonna do something for you, its not going to be half-assed. i even decorated the CDs all pretty-like. four awesome CDs for the price of none.

while the boys were jamming in the random room, desiree and i were having lesbian heterosexual sex in my room. now THAT is some funny stuff. too bad nobody was in there to see.