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ring... ring... RING!!!

2002-05-20<>8:51 p.m.

i swear, the phone does not want me to sleep in.

around nine... the phone rings. its gates' mom calling for gates. so i take him the phone.

around 9:30... the phone rings again. again, its for gates. minutes later, the phone rings again. once again, it is for gates. then my cell phone rings directly after i crawl back into bed... for the third time. i have an interview tomorrow at 9:30 for some job. so after that, the phone rings for a... ive-lost-track-at-this-point-in-time-th time. its the lady for the interview calling back. this all happened within 5-10 minutes, i swear.

finally, i decided that it wasnt my fate to sleep in, so i woke up.