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2002-05-20<>1:27 p.m.

bah, i dont know what was up. last night i wasnt into ANYTHING. i just wasnt feeling it. dancing? i tried to have fun. i tried sooooo hard, but like i said, i just wasnt feeling it. i also wasnt up to hot tubbing afterwards. whats up, dude? i had really been looking forward to dancing all day. when i got home, i was just like "meh, i wanna hang out with shawn" but it was 2:30, and he was probably asleep.

also, yesterday there was a surprise going away party for christina. she has really nice hair. anyway, she is from germany, and now she is going back. i helped decorate the thunderdome with claire and salty. basically, it was salty and i blowing up balloons and then playing with them while claire hung up streamers. (she got light headed from blowing up baloons, and salty and i just felt like playing around.) so overall, it was a fun experience. i would have felt soooo special and loved if i was christina. yeah... it all turned out well.

also, yesterday was gates' birthday. the i already had a link to his birthday present on here. i dont think he's gone yet. desiree did a portrait of him in charcoal with acrylic background, as her style goes. it looks really really nice. i would be extremely flattered if someone did that for me. gates was going to have an after dancing dance party at our house after everyone was done dancing at brothers. (see first paragraph.) but i guess everyone decided to go hot tubbing instead.

so that was my day. hey, future me that reads this in about a year or so, hi! how's it going? how are you feeling?