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2002-05-19<>12:17 p.m.

i had a dream about laura the other night. so when i woke up, i decided "i am going to hang out with laura today" whether she liked it or not. i called her. i woke her up (im an asshole!). it was 3. we hung out until around 10.

my life 'til now has been filled with doubt. here i am cause theres no other place i can go. and i can see youre a lot like me. something something something.

i went and picked her up. also, just by some random chance, i wanted to listen to mtx that day. so i put it in my car. when laura got in, i offered to let her pick whatever she wanted to listen to out of what i have, cause i figured she wouldnt know of the mr. t experience. "i wanna listen to the mr. t experience! i havent heard them in soooo long!" hurray! sing along pals!

were so far apart and the trouble is that i cant take BART out to where you live.

we went to the mall because i wanted to get some stuff there. and then we went to the other mall because i wanted to get some stuff there, too, and i wanted to say hi to desiree. after i did my business, we came home and i made her sit through my stupid pictures that i show every. i think pictures are fun, and i feel sorry for anyone who is here when i remember that i think that.

and i dont wanna get screwed over by just anyone, youre the only one i wanna get screwed over by. youre the only one.

webcam time! thus explained.

i made dinner. it was tasty. i took her home. the end. oh, and then i talked to her online. i had a really really fun time with the laura yesterday. hurray! now, the end.