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2002-05-16<>4:56 a.m.

tonight i had a lot of fun. a big group of us went karaoke-ing at some bar place, that was entertaining. then most of us came back here to the 815 where we played a silly game caleld "silent football" or something. very very entertaining. and so after being here for a bit, we went to alisons and ate food and sat around talking and whatnot. it was a fun night to be had by all.

people included: me, desiree, alison, laura, justin, ben, jesse and sully. clayton and some others were at karaoke, but they went home afterwards. OH! mike churchill was there too, and he came over here and played silent football. he's a cool guy. but he didnt go to alisons.

so yeah, that was the extent of my night. i had a lot of fun, and i really enjoy being around others.

(by the way, i win. you lose. i win.)