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suzy is a happy asshole!

2002-05-11<>4:05 p.m.

yes. i am an asshole. a happy asshole, but an asshole nontheless.

apparently, those who are or seem to be happy most of the time are assholes. "cant you feel anything besides happiness?" yeah, i can. but i would just rather not. maybe i am merely kidding myself into thinking i am happy and i feel good, but hey, im not sad or depressed, am i?

i am the asshole who found out the secret to a happy life. DONT BE FUCKING SAD! because, when youre sad, it just puts you in a rut and you feel like shit. "theres nothing i can do about it." thats bullshit. there is everything you can do about it. nothing should control your feelings besides you. there is no reason every person on this earth shouldn't be happy. except maybe if you were in tim robbins' position in the shawshank redemption. but chances are, youre not in that position.

jesus christ, i DO sound like an asshole. i know there are people out there who have loved ones die, and there are people who get fired or layed off for no real reason. and i know that i have not exactly lived through one of these situations, which makes me even more of an asshole. but sometimes, i just kind of wish i could live through something like this just to prove that it is possible for one to get through things like that.

i know i am just asking for a big punch in the face, and perhaps i am.

goddamnit, theres so much i want to say, but my english skills lack severely.

feel free to sign my guestbook and tell me why you are "depressed" and why i am a fucking jerk for saying that happiness is cool.