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2002-05-11<>4:13 p.m.

i think ive got it pretty figured out. yeah, i do. for the last 16 hours or so, ive been feeling like i am the only one around here ("here" being this planet earth) who has got her head on straight. i understand the basics of just about everything, and for anything i dont understand, i wont bullshit and pretend i do. i am not afraid to ask questions. i am honest and sincere. i am not apathetic, but i dont care too much. i am laid back, but i get my shit together and when needed to, i can definately get down to business.

sure, im only 18 and ive only been alive for 18 years, conscious for about 15 of them. no, i havent experienced much. sex? nah. i dont drink or do drugs. hell, ive only been living on my own for about 2 months. not even really on my own, as ive got the support of my parents still in case i need anything. so yeah, maybe im naive, but i believe ive got it all figured out. maybe im arrogant. i probably am. in fact, i bet that in the next couple of hours, i will have some tragic event prove me wrong. and then you all can kick me and laugh at my face. hard.

but until then, im feeling fine thinking that i am pretty damn cool, regardless of what others think.

i am smart, i have a great sense of humor, my feet are on the ground and my head isnt in the clouds. i know whats going on and i feel good about it.

things are great.