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2002-05-08<>11:48 a.m.

in response to what was written in my guestbook:

<<name: piko
message: barely have a job but you just bought a new car, you live in an expensive house and you have credit cards and a cell phone, And youre going to go back to do you do it? i can barely afford a jar of p-nut butter...damn.
date: 0:55 am - Wednesday,May 8, 2002>>

alright, to answer the questions.. i barely have a job, yes, but surprisingly, it doesnt pay too shabbily. it sucks, though. i didnt just buy a new car, my parents bought me a new car (say what you will, but i worked my ass of in highschool. my parents said 'if you get into a good university, we will buy you a new car.' and when i did make it into the university of southern california, they didnt get me a new car. it changed to 'if you get a full ride scholarship into a good university, we will get you a new car.' and surprise, when i did get my full ride to florida state, they didnt get me a new car. however.... finally, after about a year, they did).

credit cards? i have one, and thats for backup, my bank made me get it. ive only got five bucks charged on it. ive had my cell phone for about 3 years now. it is a necessity. (go ahead and laugh, but its extremely practical). oh, and my parents pay for that (call me spoiled). the house i live in, yes its awesome, but when it all comes down to it, i only pay 266 a month. and i make over that while working.

oh! and like i said earlier, i have a full ride scholarship for school, so i dont have to pay for that. in fact, i GET PAID for it. yes, i get an extra 3000 bucks a semester. so thats cool.

yes, i have worked hard for a lot of stuff, and thats how i "do it".

plus, i never buy peanutbutter. thats what kills you financially.