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2002-05-04<>12:57 p.m.

after bonker ball, some other kids and i were going to go hot tubbing... only, when we got down to the car, salty realized that he left his keys and wallet up at the plaza.

"micah, we better get back up there before someone takes them*"

but it was too late. the two minutes it took salty and micah to climb back up the stairs, salty's wallet and keys were gone.

we must have looked for them for about an hour before anyone came back to the plaza to get us. yes, of course, we were the last kids at the park, so we were stranded. salty's cell was in his car, nobody else had their cell phone. the payphone near us didnt take coins... so we were pretty much fucked.

eventually, wes and rikky came back to pick us up. from there, we went back to chuck's house, stood there for a few moments, and then left in my (desiree's) car for the hot tubs.

ahh yes, there is nothing like warm water and bubble jets to soothe the tension of playing an awesome game of bonkerball. we just sat in there and relaxed for about 45 minutes or so. it was nice. of course, i was wearing jeans, so that wasnt the most comfortable attire.

how come it seems that i am always wearing pants when i go swimming?

when we were done there, i took everyone back to salty's, and then i went home. the end.

* most of my quotes are recalled from my "memory". i put "memory" in quotes because it really sucks and should not be called a "memory."