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bonker ball (is that what its called?)

2002-05-04<>12:43 p.m.

last night was unbelievably awesome... and ive got the bruises to prove it.

all the kids went to the park and played bonker ball (is that right?). its basically like soccer, but you can use your hands, as long as you dont hold the ball. oh, and its played with a big, like, 14 inch ball. like i said, its basically like soccer... only, i believe i incorperated ice hockey and football into it. well... the mostly just the parts where you hit people. hard.

i had such a blast. the sprinklers were on, so everyone was getting wet, and the grass was slippery. i am pretty sure i was on the ground about twice as often as i had the ball. i guess thats the best part of it though. hitting people and tackling them to the ground. i have this fear, though, of hurting people.

in 6th grade, i kicked jessee shepherd in the face and i gave him a bloody nose. i felt so aweful, i cried for the rest of the fieldtrip. not to mention i had a crush on jessee at the time.

last night, i dont believe i injured anyone too bad. rikky (sp?), was a bad mo-fo with the ball, so he was generally my target. at one point in time, i must have accidentally knocked his kneecap with mine. he said it hurt a little, and i felt bad. but he kept playing, so i didnt feel as bad.

i had a lot of fun playing. i hope that i am invited next time something like this comes up. and maybe i might even get picked earlier for teams. not because i am good, but because people dont want me on the other team.