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"alison. alison. aaaaaaalison. aaaaliiiison" - pixies

2002-05-04<>1:19 p.m.

alison is wonderful!

after i get kicked out of work early AGAIN yesterday (for not making sales, i guess... even though i DID), i came home, took desiree to work, and then alison called! she invited me for lunch, which i greatly accepted. we went to sahara and had some really aweful falaful sandwiches. oh, and by "aweful" i mean "really fucking good."

i love alison so much, i am so excited for her teaching job in atlanta, though i dont want her to leave town.

after lunch, my dad called on my cell phone and told me to go to the saturn dealer. alison is terriffic and sat around with me while i signed a shitload of papers. then i showed her my new car (which, by the way, is asian as hell. more on that later).

we went home, hung out, ate some hummos that desiree made, and then i called shawn. he came over and the three of us hung out for a bit. it was really nice and relaxing. just sitting on the porch, talking. things like that should happen more often.