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2002-05-02<>11:51 p.m.

bah. shawn is bummed and i wish we could cheer him up. its no fun having a bummed friend because you know that they're not happy.

salty just called. i thought that was nice of him. i wish i could be the person to take initiative to hang out. but its scary, i guess. i have this huge fear of being where i am unwelcome, and that includes being anywhere where i am not invited. but i guess that if i want to hang out, i am supposed to just stop by and we will hang.

meh. i am chicken shit.

this job, this job. its not that bad, actually. waking up at 8 am is tough, though. especially when everyone hangs out after midnight. perhaps i should take the PM shift... so i dont have to be at work until 4. work until 9, hang out, stay up late. sleep in. rinse. repeat. i think i will try that.

also.. the transportation. desiree and i are working at different times, so sharing a car isnt going to work anymore. i cant get insured on a scooter because i have no credit. i know that i cannot afford a new car, though i am looking around. i know that my parents cannot afford a new car for me, though they are still having me look around. im not too picky, i just want 4 doors, air conditioning, and at least a tape deck. however, its rare to find just a tape deck. you either have only radio, or an extra 500 bucks for a CD player. AND WHERE ARE ALL THE MANUAL TRANSMISSIONS?!?

tianah, our car sales-person, is awesome, though. i really wish we could buy a saturn from her so she can get commission.

i wish i could make sales in telemarketing so i could get commission.

these diary entries as of late have been rather boring. i think its because i wake up at 8 and then i am drained by the time i have time to go back on the computer. i guess there is just so much stuff happening that i cant elaborate on the things i want to, so i just end up typing out pointless narrative.