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2002-05-01<>8:14 p.m.

third day of work, second day on the phones, and i am totally looking for new work.

i have an interview at strozier library on monday at 10:30.

i went and looked at cars today, and the chick who was our salesperson at the saturn dealer was awesome. i am trying to get a job there as well.

gates has a bed! he will be moving in any day now!

i wish something exciting would happen (maybe my standards for excitement are just too high).

shawn came over today. we havent really hung out lately. and we still didnt today. he just came to use the computer for FAFSA stuff. i wish i got money from FAFSA.

brandon, the 8th grade boy next door, is playing his saxophone and its really good. i was never that good, but then again, i only played in 4th grade.