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lame entry. i dont feel like typing.

2002-05-01<>12:31 a.m.

much news... but i dont really feel like typing.

1. work was alright. the telemarketing isnt as bad as it was at ACI. i only worked for 3.5 hours today. its really scary how good i am at telemarketing. i made 7 sales while the other trainees made 2 or 3.

2. a woman from strozier library called. i applied for a job there and i would love it. i hope i get that job because it is better than telemarketing. i just have to call her back tomorrow morning because i go to work.

3. i went to a show tonight. plastic mastery played (larry, shawn and others). they were good.

4. i went to a show tonight (same as above). i am really getting sick and tired of this fucking social anxiety thing ive got going on. it used to be that i was never shy (except around boys), and that i was always the first person to talk and i would keep the conversation going. but since i started shasta college this spring semester, i have been afraid to death of people and every time i am in a huge group, i feel like im gonna freak out. or im just very uncomfortable. i started loosening up towards the end of the night, though. i met mike churchill. hes a pretty fucking cool guy.

5. we prepped gates' room to paint. i think it will look cool. woo! gates is moving in!

6. i miss school, i want it to start again soon. i want to go to school.

7. i am starting to feel better, though i am still congested as fuck. its hard to breathe well with all this fucking phlegm in the back of my throat. i choke sometimes.

8. things have been going really well... and i look forward to tomorrow, and the day after that, and the day after that, and every day after that. things are good. i am good. i believe everything will be great.