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2002-04-28<>3:27 p.m.

i just remembered my dream last night. i was hanging out with ryan knight at his old house (in redding) and we were just chillin' (ha! chillin'!). umm... i dont really remember what happened next, but i called scott brackett on the telephone to ask him something about no doubt (no doubt?!?). anyway, he answered my question, then he was like "i miss you, suzy" and i said to him in return "i miss hanging out with you too."

and i do. i totally miss hanging out with scott. we had a blast. just hanging out in our cars after school (or for a couple hours between classes) or napping at his house or watching movies. it was really laid back and fun. i liked him and he liked me, but there was nothing more than that. just casual friendship. no kissing, nothing more than holding hands.

thats what i want. something like that again.