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he only comes over when drunk or hungover

2002-04-28<>12:59 p.m.

it sounds perfect, right? youre asleep on your bed, and then all of a sudden, in the middle of the night, you hear a knock on your window. its the boy of your dreams!

well... the knock part was cool, but then i realized that it was only drunken shawn.

around 4:30, i get a knock on my window... as i have explained, it was shawn. he was drunk. so i let him in the house and we hung out for a while. then i decided that we had better go outside as to not wake desiree up. so we hung out for a little bit. he said he should go home, which i agreed to, but i dont think he was in the condition to walk home alone. i told him he could sleep in my bed... "i dont wanna do that. it might get wierd" "no, dude, its cool. i would sleep on the couch. i wouldnt sleep with you in my bed when youre drunk!" "yeah... id probably start touching your parts"

so then i walked him home, to make sure he got home all safe. annnd... yeah, and then i went home. thats the end. fun adventures at 4:30 am.