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2002-04-27<>12:35 p.m.

desiree and i were being bored last night. i was attempting to figure out the bassline for phantom planet's california and desiree was sitting on the computer. then she was like "hrmm... i wonder if larry would let me borrow his guitar." so she asked larry if she could borrow his guitar. yup. larry is awesome and let her borrow his electric (he uses his acoustic all the time, so he couldnt let us use that) guitar and his amp. hurray!

so after about 10 minutes of desiree getting frusterated by trying to read guitar tabs, she gave up and went back online. i then took the guitar and rocked out on power chords. power chords. i am awesome!

guitar is too hard. that is why i pretend to play the bass.

power chords!! woo!!!!!!