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2002-04-26<>11:23 p.m.

i apologize to everyone i know for the way i have been acting the past few days. i dont know what was up with me, but i was completely bummed out for no reason at all. i dont know what was up. last night, though, was the worst. i was hanging out with shawn in the living room and i felt like crying. i felt lame because he could tell something was wrong. i am not the kind of person who likes to be sad around other people. a bummed kid is no fun to hang out with, right? so i try to make it as easy as possible for everyone else. though i can tell that the way i have acted these past couple of days has affected others (maybe not affected, but they could see i was not my normal self).

anyway, its all over and done with. i am back to being happy me and i hope that it is a long time before i am annoying and bummed agan. cause its annoying. and i hate it. and its no fun. and... its annoying. yeah.