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i sound like an asshole. i apologize

2002-04-25<>2:07 p.m.

alright, shit like this just bums me out because that is kind of how i feel everyone looks at us when they find out our age. i suppose that it wouldnt be so bad if upon meeting us, people thought we were in our early to mid twenties. yes.

"okay, seriously, how old are you? i dont want to hear bullshit answers like '12' or '42'"
"tell me, how old do you think we are?"
"24... 25?"
"we are 18"

weve got credibility until people see the bands on our wrists saying that we are not old enough to drink. "youre not 21?" like theyre surprised. so apparently, we are not young and immature upon first meeting us, but once you pry our ages out, we have become the scum of the earth.

life is full of "if i was just a little bit older." and "i cant wait until im 16, then i will be able to drive and people will respect me" then "i cant wait until i am 18, then i will be an adult and people will respect me" and then "i cant wait until i am 21 then i can drink and people will respect me" but then all of a suddden, it switches to "i am 25, i have done nothing with my life. why cant i be 18 again" and then "i am 32, where has my life gone?" and then "im 69 years old, when i was 15 years old, i would have gotten a big kick out of this number. but my fun days are gone"

come on, guys, treat everyone as equals. ive got friends 8 years older than me, and ive got friends who are 3 years younger than me. theyre all on the same level, and i dont think differently of anyone whether their age starts with a "1" or a "2" or even a "5".

like i said, it really bums me out that people can judge on such a silly subject... but then again, its probably for the better, it helps to weed out all the people that i care not to be friends with.