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i woke up surprisingly easily at noon

2002-04-24<>1:42 a.m.

today was a rather good day. i woke up, went to the yamaha store, waited around while the workers ignored me. i swear, this damn shop has the worst customer service imagineable. because i dont have a dick and i dont ride a motorcycle means that i cannot possibly be a customer. if there was somewhere else selling the yamaha vino, i would definately go there, but since i know of no other yamaha dealer in tallahassee, i am forced to suck it up and deal with these dicks.

wow, thats a pretty negative paragraph to introduce what i thought was a rather good day. honestly, though, waiting around didnt bother me as much as it seems like it... i just wanted to let everyone know what horrible customer service they have.

on my way home, i picked up joe from gilchrest and brought him home. joe definately knows where its at. he knows the system. you come to our house, we feed you. first, joe comes over and has some kickass casserole. now, he comes over, gets potato wedges, fishsticks, cheese bread and coconut meringue pie. we watched some stand up comedy (dave attell in 1995? what? boy is he much more attractive now... despite the fact that hes bald and overweight now) and BASEketball.

after i took joe home, desiree and i played tetris for a while. shawn called and told us to go to larrys show tonight. we have no money, so larry is awesome and put us on the guestlist. it was fun, hung out with shawn and larry and michael (boy from last night), and lawrence. we also talked to jerrodlp (gotta call him by his screenname or it just doesnt seem right) and he is going to come over sometime and desiree will cut his hair for him. jerrod is a strange character as he never really says much and he is online ALL THE TIME. oh, and man, lawrence is definately the most entertaining drummer i have ever seen. he sits with perfect posture yet is still so energetic. i am assuming shawn has a couple thousand beers because when desiree and i took him home, he was rather drunk. poor shawn, he is one of those really bummed out drunks. but he is still a fun guy.

by the way, i write out a lot of narrative because in a year, i want to read back through here and remember fun times.

i am enjoying life.