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2002-04-22<>4:36 a.m.

dancing was wonderful! i danced my fucking little heart out. for the most part, i dont pay any attention to whats going on around me. dig the music... totally.

oh, and i guess salty just forgot to call me back. meh... doesnt surprise me at all. i dont blame him one bit.

so there was supposed to be that meteor shower tonight. we were goign to watch with may and alison... but when i called may after we got back from brothers (club), she had fallen asleep, but clayton said she was looking forward to it. anyway, she is going to come over to our house tomorrow morn and we are gonna work on a resume and cover letter for her so she can get a job. hurray for may! she is sooooooooo cute!

as for alison, she was tired, which is totally understandable. i love alison, she is really great. she got a teaching job in atlanta which is wonderful. shes moving out of tallahassee in a couple weeks, which will be sad, but shes not too far away. so yeah, she didnt go meteor showering with us. neither of them did... which is probably a good thing... IT WAS FOGGY!

desiree and i drove around for like an hour and it was foggy all around town. eh, its cool though, maybe it will be better tomorrow night.

once again, dancing was completely awesome. i always get nervous (i say always as if ive done this more than twice. ha!) before we go, but then that all goes away when im making a complete fool of myself on the floor. i cant dance worth shit. but i dont think it really matters because nobody is paying attention and because of the lights, nobody can tell im a big lop.

weeeeee! dancing is fun!