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2002-04-21<>12:07 p.m.

yesterday was wonderful. i woke up, took a shower. i was planning to go to the yamaha store to test drive a scooter, but when i got out of the shower, someone knocked on the door. shawn had come over to hang out, but i was in a towel and underwear and desiree was still alseep. i got dressed, desiree woke up, and the three of us went to the new publix. it was cheap, i suppose, but super wal*mart is much cheaper. basically, yesterday i gave in and we went grocery shopping with my credit card. we spent about 80 bucks on groceries (would have been less if we went to wal*mart first... but nooooooo... we just had to check out the new publix).

so yeah, when desiree and i got back home, shawn went home and desiree and i made a very very wonderful dinner consisting of roasted vegitables and shrimp. we listened to aimee mann while preparing the meal and then we watched magnolia.

it was great. and dinner was excellent.

and i am in debt. boooooo!!!