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also.. i decided we will go food shopping tomorrow with my credit card

2002-04-20<>3:33 a.m.

since we have no cable, we have videos. lots of videos. i have about 13 tapes from 1997-1998 of various shit... SNL to stand up comedians. i decided to put in the tape that said "SNL best of dana carvey" and watch that. so i did. when it was over, to my surprise, there was dennis miller live with norm macdonald! topic was smoking. what was on after that? the daily show with craig kilbourn with special guests BOB ODENKIRK AND DAVID CROSS!!!!

i hate how i have such a huge crush on bob. honestly, i have not had such an absurd crush like this in a long time. norm macdonald, i think, was the last one... and that was around 1997-1998 or so.

jesus, im a fucking moron.