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2002-04-17<>12:15 a.m.

bon jovi is pretty damn hip. as is color me badd. yeah... im really lame.

oh, you know what else im really lame about? yeah... as one may have noticed in the past month or so, i have written quite a bit about salty ron in my diary. yes. all and all, that wouldnt really be such a bad thing, considering its my diary and i should be entitled to write whatever i please. however, wouldnt it be a terrible thing if salty ron actually came upon my diary and read all that crap? yeah, it would be quite aweful. not really so much for me, but moreso for him.

i was checking the stats of this site, and i saw that someone found my page by searching for "makemepretty" and "diaryland". then i looked up where this search was coming from. oh yeah, the library at fsu. this search happened about a half hour ago. oh look, theres salty ron, online. he's been online for about a half hour. hrmmmm... "hey... you arent by any chance in the library, are you?" "yes" "oh.... crap."

and the rest is history. i have successfully completely scared off salty ron. i feel kind of bad, though, not for me, but for him. if i found someones diary and they were talking about how they had a crush on me, i would be extremely creeped out too. a bit flattered, but creeped out. very much so.

eh... its no big deal. salty seems like a cool enough guy not to completely ignore me. okay then...*poof* crush is gone. hurray!

im bored already.