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2002-04-17<>2:38 a.m.

shawn is great! he is probably the only one in this town who is with us on our level of humor.

he just came over, he and desiree layed on my bed while i archived a lot of my diary into word (so i could have a hard copy of it). then we went in the kitchen and ate some cake that desiree and i baked yesterday. then desiree went to bed and i went outside and smoked a cigarette with him (of course, i didnt really smoke, i just pretended. no inhalation for me). thats about it, really. shawn is cool.

when i get a job, i am going to work. a lot. that is all i am going to do. work. come home. sleep. get up and work again. i will hang out with desiree sometimes. and maybe even shawn too... but other than that, i will just work.