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2002-04-16<>1:51 p.m.

i have not updated and i should have...

so, i guess, news on the salty ron was this. he had an away message up that said something along the lines of "i am sleeping. if you have something important to say, your name is shawn, or you have a deez nutz joke, fire away." wait, did you see that? "YOUR NAME IS SHAWN!" that only leads one to believe that, yes, salty ron is, in fact... homosexual. and yes, he most definatly has a crush on the one, the only, shawn (random guy x).

that was sunday night.

monday afternoon, the telephone rings. hurray! it is salty ron! stupid boys that call me. anyway, he says something like "speaking of shawn, i need to go over and visit him." and this, of course, triggers me to laugh. a lot. i laughed due to something that shawn said concerning salty ron being at his house. i cant, but trust me, it was funny. so i laughed. a lot. "what are you laughing at?" "nothing" "no really, what are you laughing at?" "i cant say, man. its cool" "oh yeah? well, ill give you something to laugh about"


yes, he hung up on me. first he laughs at my attempt to ask him out, and then he hangs up on me. i find this extremely funny, yet somehow a little bit dissappointing. meh... i continue to watch romy and michelles high school reunion.

later on that night, around 11 or so i suppose, i was in desirees room playing dr. mario, when i thought i heard a car door shut. i suppose in the back of my mind i was hoping that salty would come over. but then, i thought i heard some other car doors shut, and i just figured the neighbors were home. HURRAY! there was a knock on the door! it was clayton, salty, and may!(respectively)

(by the way, i do plan on getting pictures of the people i know on my diary... just as sort of a reference kind of thing).

so yes, the three came over and we obviously had some fun with the webcam. i would show you some more pictures, but i think i would be too embarassed to admit that i had friends like that. needless to say, i had a blast and i think people should come over more often.