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2002-04-12<>1:05 p.m.

around 1:15 last night, the phone rang. i thought it was some southern baptist preacher or something... but it turned out to be salty ron! he was on his way to tampa to go visit his friends. so i guess he called me to help the time pass while he was driving... or soemthing. we ended up talking for like an hour and a half, which was cool. i never get to talk to salty ron because he is always "busy" or something. i guess my timing is just severely off when i call him. anyway, the conversation was nice... until his cell phone got cut off and then we didnt talk anymore. umm... thats about it, really. desiree and i layed dr. mario and tetris some more. but yeah... salty called. oh shit... theres no point to this entry.

the end!!!