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we lost our tallahassee party virginity

2002-03-31<>12:13 a.m.

i have started this entry like 5 times. i cant think of what to say. heres a short summary:

woke up when sean called. he came by and i was still in my nightgown. desiree slowly woke up. we hung out for a little bit. he left. i called salty and left him a message. salty ron called back. his pants were wet. what? yeah, he went canoeing with some friends. "hey, theres gonna be a dance party tonight. you should really go. i will give you directions" directions, eh? "yeah, ill call you later to give you directions... when youre ready?" when im ready, eh? when i am prepared more for the party, i guess. he hung up. alison called. she stopped by. also told us about the party. we agreed to follow her there.

we arrived at the party. i have a crush on salty ron, have i mentioned that? anyway, met some girls that we had met before. girls that we thought hated us. but i guess they dont. hrmmm.... the girls are great!

dance dance dance!

may is cute! met some girls... they are cool. dance dance. sit around and talk. the music isnt very dancy, so desiree and i went home to get the faint. however, when we returned, the cd player was broken. desiree and i mysteriously had gum on our butts. both of us. dance dance dance! we stood around and talked, met some more people... really nice people. i get scared because i think salty ron hates me. we would talk for a short bit, then he would leave. but then he came back... "but im perfect" i continued with the others i was talking to. "no youre not, you like meterology" "oh shit... wait... so do you!" "yeah, but i never said i was perfect." he had a point.

party started getting boring, hostess didnt want any more alcohol there, some boys brought another keg "you cant bring that in the house" most people werent drinking, but there were a couple who were. id say there were about 75 kids there. i hadnt seen that many kids since i was in school. a lot of people, yes, but i still had fun. we had fun. a lot of fun.

time to leave. "goodbye alison. goodbye megan. goodbye ashley. goodbye and happy birthday laura. goodbye everyone else." and then "im totally taking off now" "youre gonna have to kneel down here to give me a hug" i was already starting to cause he was sitting on the ground. "bye salty ron." "bye suzy... give me a call tomorrow"

parties arent so bad. socializing isnt so bad. having a crush that will obviously go no where isnt so bad. not at all.

i had a good day and a nice night.