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2002-03-22<>4:16 a.m.

i was getting tired of being in the house all day for the past couple of days, so i went out today. i went over to the campus and walked around the union for a bit, then, on my way back to the car, i saw kim. i walked her to class and we talked a bit. then, on the way back to my car again, i saw phillip and jordan. kim, phillip and jordan were my friends from florida last fall, when i went there for about a month. anyway, it was really great seeing them all again.

after i left fsu, i went to justins place. salty, justin and clayton were just hanging out, so i hung out, too. salty solved the rubik's cube in only 5 and a half minutes. my god, what isnt outstanding about that boy! justin rode his unicycle and juggled. wow, i dont understand how he can handle being such a chick magnent. clayton ate some pita bread earlier today and he farted. clayton is allergic to wheat. yeah. these three boys are soooo great! i love everyone here in tallahasse... that is, when theyre not busy hating me. justin can juggle and do tricks!

"here, suzy, this trick's for you"

so i left the tri-fort and came home, where desiree and i had a marvelous rest of the day. she made an awesome stirfry that was absolutely delicious. i ate it. she ate it. we ate stirfry and rice. mmmmm...

then, of course, i went online. phillip was online, so i IMd him. he was telling me about how hes just kind of bummed in the dorms, so i told him that he should come over and hang out with desiree and me. hurray! and he did. he ate some of the stirfry and then we watched a movie. hurray for phillip!

hurray for justin! hurray for salty ron! hurray for clayton! hurray for phillip!

i am so happy to have so many boy friends... now, i just need to start wearing the girls down.