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the boyfriend test!

2002-03-03<>9:51 p.m.

you may have heard of the everpopular "boyfriend game" (you probably havent, though)... and some of you might actually have boyfriend (but probably not). well, i would like to bring you... THE BOYFRIEND TEST!!! this is for all of you boys who wants to be my boyfriend....

1. are you a boy?
2. do you take school seriously?
3. have you heard of mr. show?
4. do you like it?
5. have you read the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy?
6. do you not think its the best series ever written?
7. whats your favorite movie?
8. will you watch bring it on with me?
9. do you hate me because i listen to matchbox 20?
10. will you make fun of the rest of my musical interests?
11. are you intimidated by my intelligence?
12. am i not the coolest person in the world?


1. yes
2. yes
3. yes
4. of course. i am bob odenkirks bitch.
5. yes
6. ha ha ha! forty-two! genius!!!
7. the royal tenenbaums or rushmore (either is acceptable)
8. yeah, theres nothign wrong with a fun movie every once in a while... just as long as you dont think its a masterpiece or anything.
9. not as long as you dont mind my listening to britney spears.
10. no
11. slightly, but i know i can offer you a challenge.
12. ehh... you and i tie for coolest person in the world, i think. yeah.

in order to pass, you must answer 10 of 12 correctly. if you find that you would be a perfect candidate for my boyfriend, feel free to email me.