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my days as a telemarketer

2002-02-24<>8:18 a.m.

i am a shameless, shameless fool.

"hi, is linda there?" i asked, as a telemarketer

"uhh.. no shes not, can i take a message?"

:::i hear the sounds of bass guitar::::

"there is no message, this is just a coutesy call... hey! youre playing bass!"

"yes i am"

"i play bass too!" i responded

"oh really? you have a bass?"

"yeah, shes red with a black pick guard and sooooo cute!"

conversation continues until i eventually write his phone number down off of the computer screen.

ha! i ended up calling him later. too bad he turned out to be a total fucking druggie loser... or else it would have beena cute scenerio to meet someone by. oh yeah, he lived in buffalo, ny.