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2002-01-29<>5:14 p.m.

:::in the voice of keanu reeves::: "fuck me"

if was an incoming freshman, i would have no problem getting a presidential scholarship for sjsu, but since i am a transferring sophomore, i get it up the ass. we dont have the money to pay for my schooling or, and especially, housing. ive got a job, sure, but i get paid 5 bucks and hour and i sell donuts. fafsa hates us because we make too much money (we being my family), but they dont know how many bills we have. and loans are for suckers who want to pay interest.

so i call upon you, my loyal (and not so loyal) readers... send me money! its the "send suzy to college... again!" fund! i promise all money i get from you will go towards my college education. my paypal email is [email protected] and my mailing address is PO Box 8816, Red Bluff, CA 96080.

thank you.