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talking with leanna

2001-12-28<>3:34 p.m.

Insanely Hip: ryan and i talked... eventually we got to talking about scott and stuff... it really kind of irks me that people dont realize how close me and scott were

LuvinLife2001: Did you tell Ryan how close you and scott were?

Insanely Hip: well.. when i was saying something about how one time we were holding hands, ryan was like "you guys held hands?" i was like "uhh... yeah " and he sounded surprised to find out that we napped together and stuff

LuvinLife2001: yeah, i was surprised too

Insanely Hip: so it makes me think... "does everyone think i am overreacting by being mad at scott?" because they all figured we were just friends but i had a crush on him or something

LuvinLife2001: yeah, I think they do think that. You should set things straight, because Scott's giving everyone a totally differeny impression

Insanely Hip: exactly.