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merry christmas to you too

2001-12-16<>12:05 p.m.

im not excited at all about anything coming up. i strongly dislike the holidays and what comes along with them.

i dont like the cleaning of the house to impress our relatives.
i dont like having to go and buy/make presents for people that i dont feel like buying/making presents for at that point in time.
i dont like receiving presents, or not receiving presents.
i dont like all the awkwardness that comes along with with christmas or saying "merry christmas" to someone when they are jewish. i STILL dont know what exactly kwanzaa is all about. i dont even know how to spell it.
everyone is excited for their friends coming home from college. i went and got jennie the other day. now i am not excited about anything anymore.
i dont like having to compete.
i dont like people being nice and not meaning it.

and i definately cannot stand when people complain about the holidays!