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2001-12-11<>10:58 p.m.

those damn people wont leave me alone!!!!

last year, i took creative writing my first semester. i showed steven one of my poems, and he, without my permission, submitted it to they said "congrats. you are just like everyone else and we want to publish your poem along with everyone elses!" and i said "fine. bah". then earlier this year, the wrote me and said "congrats! we like you so much, we want to publish it again in another book. buy this book so we can make money!" and i was like "publish it, i dont care, but i dont want a book". and now... today, i got a letter in the mail that says "congrats! we like your poem so much, we are going to have someone read it on an audio CD with 33 other poets. buy the CD for 60 dollars so we can make money." and i said "leave me alone!!!"

i hate poetry

(except for goth poetry. that is the best)