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2001-12-01<>11:07 a.m.

lately, i have been really freaking out while riding in the car with other people driving. i spaz out every time im in the car with garrett because im afraid hes not gonna stop in time and he will smash into the car in front of us.

even with my dad! we were riding home from arcata yesterday and i was freaking out every time we went around a sharp corner because i was thinking that we were going too fast and we were just gonna fly off the road. of course that wasnt going to happen, though.

but its not like i should be talking. ive given several people heart attacks from my driving... just ask anyone who has ridden in a car with me.

"that crazy mother fucker almost killed us!" - jennie*

"what the hell were they thinking when they gave her a license?" - garrett*

"ive never ridden in the car while suzy was driving, but from what i hear, she really sucks" - morgan*

*okay, so nobody really said these things, but im sure that is what they are thinking.