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2001-10-05<>9:43 a.m.

just woke up from a dream about wyatt.

i was walking past him at school... and i thought he was looking the other way, so i flipped him off. apparently, though, he saw, and he ran up to me and started spitting on me. i opened my arms to show that i welcomed the spit from a dirtbag and to invite more saliva, for i didnt think he could hit me again. i forgot that he used to chew tobacco, though. he hit me again. a lot.

for some reason, there was a little squirty bottle of mustard by me, so i, being very mature and responsible, squirt mustard on him. and he, being wyatt, squirt ketchup on me.

i dont remember the rest, but we both had to ride the bus home.

wyatt is an ass. and my dreams are rediculous.