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2001-09-29<>4:29 p.m.

disclaimer: this is in no way meant to be any sort of cut on alaina...

last night, i went over to simon and alaina's place to hang out. it was fun.. you know, the usual. people fighting and argueing and insulting and the like. it was great... until for some reason, someone brought up the subject of scott. i forget how he came up, but alaina said something like "once you have a real conversation with him, he isnt really as annoying and hes cool." i wanted to either laugh or yell. i do believe that of everyone in that room, i had hung out with scott the most, and we have had our share of "deep conversations." but that sure didnt stop him from leading me on.

oh great... another entry about this. i think ill just skip this

and i am pretty sure it isnt just me being like how i am. i am bitter and i hold a grudge, sure, but i know that i am not saying he led me on because of this. i am not the only one. i can have others confess that they felt hurt and betrayed by scott. i wont mention their names, because i respect their privacy, but if one of you who i am talking about understands what i am saying.... good.

wow, she really makes no sense

so yeah, this is what happens to me. i like a guy. we become friends. i get hurt in some way or another. we talk about it, things are fine. time passes and things start to get not fine (on my side). i end up avoiding them while it all builds up in my head and i believe they are the most vile substance on the planet.

okay, so i havent gotten that far with this scenario yet, but im sure that after another couple months of avoiding him, it will happen.

is she done yet?

i think thats about all i really wanted to say. that and "it bothers me when people like people that i dont like." yeah, im a bad person.

also, scott, this would be a good time for you to fess up that you read this. now im done.

thank god