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2001-09-25<>7:22 p.m.

thats right, yesterday, september 24, was my birthday. i must admit, i felt like sam baker in sixteen candles. however, towards the end of the day, people started remembering the glorious event. so then i felt lame for relating to an 80's coming of age movie starring molly ringwald.

blah blah blah. i suck. and i am still angry that my fucking ISP sucks ass.

oh! i went to the olive garden last night with my parents and garrett. it was fun, my mom was a total moron who liked to act as if she were drunk. i am lucky to have a boyfriend that will put up with that rediculousness. garrett is great. then garrett and i went back to his house to watch groundhog day and have sex.

only, we didnt have sex.