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Chapter 1

2001-08-29<>12:35 a.m.

�Sorry to bother, but have you the time?�

He definitely had the eyes.

�Yes, it�s 5:52. Uhh... do you have any clue where 8th Street is? I�m afraid I�m a bit new in town, and I�m still kind of discombobulated.�

�Eighth Street? Boy are you on the wrong side of town,� I said to him with a smile, �but worry not, its well within walking distance.�

As I started to verbalize directions, I realized that this man�quite handsome, by the way�would not understand the directions I was giving, for I could not even explain to my 7 year old niece how to make orange juice from frozen concentrate.

�Listen, I am obviously horrible at giving directions. Chances are, whatever I say will be the exact opposite of where you should go. Where are you headed, anyways?�

�The Ramada on 8th.�

�The Ramada?� I repeated.

�Yeah, I just moved into town, so I don�t yet have an apartment.�

�Ahh, yes. Stay in luxury while you can, I guess. Seeing as how it�s nearly impossible to find a nice place in the city.�

�Tell me about it,� he replied.

It was then that I could have died. He in his English accent, I couldn�t resist. I had been talking to this man�this charming man�for less than two minutes, when the power of his sweet face suckered me in to what was about to become an extremely anomalistic day.

�Bah! Forget this,� I said as I finally found my way out of his eyes, which could be described no more precise than as a kaleidoscope of blue, �I�ll just give you a ride.�

�Oh, no. I don�t want to inconvenience you,� he said, trying to be polite.

�Really, it�s no problem at all.� That was my lousy attempt at hitting on him. But if you knew my life in these previous 26 years, you would realize that this was about as brave as I get; offering a cute guy a ride to his hotel. Mmmm� �Hotel.�

�Wow, thank you. You are really hip.� Woo hoo! A compliment from the hunk!

�As are you� what was your name again?� I must be crazy! I don�t even remember his name!

�Oh, I�m sorry, what an ass of me, I haven�t introduced myself. Hello, I�m Colin. And you?�


�A pleasure to meet you, Andrea.� I was in heaven. He found it to be a pleasure to meet me! Not only was I completely stoked to be giving a ride to a remarkably attractive gentleman, but it also gave him pleasure to meet me! Imagine that! Me!

�As with you,� I replied. �Come along, it is starting to rain and if we don�t leave now, it looks like we will be caught in the midst of a downpour.�

�Yes, the clouds do seem to be rather angry today. But you know, a little rain never hurt� much.�

And we headed to my car.