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the first act was cute, i thought.

2001-08-25<>9:27 p.m.

i went to a show with kim and phillip.

as i have said before, kim and phillip are my new friends in tallahassee. but they smoke and they talk about having sex a lot. i dont smoke. i dont have sex. i talk about neither. but i guess theyre someone to hang around with.

i would much rather hang out with garrett, though.

hmmm... maybe i will!

so yes, i went to a show with kim and phillip. it was at this place that was very small. kind of like the chain reaction in anahem. but just the area of the chain reaction where the stage is. the stage and the area directly in front of it. thats how big this place was. it was cute, though. i forget who we watched. "kind of like spitting" was headlining, though. thats all i remember. i got really hot and i guess i havent eaten enough today, because i started to get dizzy and i felt faint. so i went outside and sat. thats what i did.

garrett should come over.