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attack of the crushes.

2001-08-11<>1:53 a.m.

i went to redding today to see steven play at the park or something. but since jennie was going also, i hitched a ride with her. we picked up garrett and headed over to the park.

eek! its like... the title of this entry. despite the fact that i was with garrett, my lovely and super hip boyfriend, i also saw scott and justin there, past crushes. not to mention steven, but i dont think i need to retell that story. so yeah, blah blah, steven played, i somehow offended garrett and he ran away, but i had to chase him down (okay, so he didnt run away, he just walked off). la la la. bands are done playing now.

scott gets this brilliant idea that everyone should go to dennys. hurray, i think! steven thinks i hate him. i havent talked to scott all too much since he left (on a sour note, on my side), and justin... is an ass. actually, i didnt know justin was going to be at dennys, he just showed up.

woo, sitting at the table was me, jennie my best friend, garrett my boyfriend, and three crushes from the last year.

it was awkward for me, to say the least.

oh, did i mention steven still thinks i hate him? i am mentioning this again because i know he reads this, and i want him to know that i dont, in fact, hate him. nor do i strongly dislike him. nor do i vaguely dislike him. i just didnt want to go swimming at the lake because it would have been awkward for me. the end. (its a long story, perhaps i will write about it someday. okay, so its not that long, and i probably wont write about it).

anyway, i am sure that i acted like a major bitch, but thats alright because ive got no one to impress there except garrett, and he doesnt care because i wasnt being (too) mean to him. also, if people are offended by me or something, they are caring too much. honestly, as i have said before, i am not that great of a person, and my opinions mean nothing. chances are, they are--as i have also said many times before--just overreactions and... stuff.

so yeah, dennys was stupid.

then, to make me seem even more like some kind of lunatic, i decided to leave a few seconds ahead of everyone else and sit in the car.

"jennie, give me your keys"
:::jennie gives me her keys:::
"bye everyone, it was nice seeing you again. scott, i will give you your books back soon" (i have 5 books belonging to scott that i need to return)

then garrett and i left to go sit in the car and wait for jennie. everyone else soon comes out of the restaurant and loiters around the front door for a couple of seconds, making me seem even more like a bitch! how fun!

oh yeah, and of course, scott parked next to jennie, so when he and some others went to his car, i got to wave bye to them once more, making my early departure somewhat... pointless. yeah, i probably seemed really sour. i suck.

anyway, steven and jennie and garrett and i then went to garretts house to hang out. we got bored really quickly. so we went and rented harold and maude. nobody seemed too particularly interested in it, but we all 'watched' it anyway. then we hung out more. la la la la. oh, and then we watched tommy boy, and then we started multiplicity, but then i said "jennie, get yo ass home, bitch. yo mama be wiggin if she... i dont know" and so we left.

the end. no, really this time. (even though i didnt say it before)