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2001-08-09<>7:44 a.m.

i do believe i am actually getting sick.

a couple days ago, i had a horrible sore throat, but luckily, that went away, today i feel congested and tired all the time. not to mention that cold sore i got is still there.

being sick does not make for a good date, but garrett took me on one anyway. he he, even though i had to pay for the movie we went to. oh wait! i was supposed to pay, but then a girl at the theatre that i knew (katy) let us in for free. hurray!

jackie chan is cute (but not in a good looking way). we saw rush hour 2... it was good. also, it goes to prove my theory that all asian girls are evil (except maybe erica. and lisa... lisa is insane, not evil.) yeah (oh wait, yennie is not evil either, but for some reason, she still thinks ryan harris is a good guy. ha ha ha... now HE is evil!)