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vacation: park life (alllll the people, so many people.)

2001-08-03<>8:01 a.m.

in orlando, there are a million things to do.

they all cost a lot of money.

my theme for this years vacation? "total waste of money"

my mother bought tickets to the following:

Universal Studios Orlando
Islands of Adventure (roller coaster fun owned by universal studios)
Sea World
Wet 'N Wild

first we went to islands of adventure, as my father, mother and i have been there before. it was fun, but seeing as how we arrived there at 9 PM, we only rode two rides. (we had one ticket for 14 days that got us into those four theme parks). but thats alright, we could always go back again.

we went to universal studios. it was alright. my sister and father were severely dissapointed by king kong and earthquake. i tried to explain to them that those attractions are like 40 years old. but they would have none of this and they continued to be bitter about how much the rides sucked.

we went to sea world. never did actually watch any of the shows, but i saw a polar bear, some sting reys, penguins, manatees, and some sharks. fairly educational. unlike the other parks we went to, this one you could actually spend more than one day looking around and not get bored.

we did not go to wet 'n wild. water parks are not my thing.

we took a trip from orlando down to st. petersburgh (near tampa) and we went to the salvador dali museum because thats where my sister really wanted to go. i hadnt been to a museum since 8th grade when i went to washington dc. it was neat, but i am an uncultured swine, so i do not try to decipher the meanings of the paintings and sculptures, i just look at how neat they are and move on. my sister and mother, on the other hand, took about 4 times as much time to look at everything. so my father and i sat in the cafe and read brochures on all the different tourist traps in the central florida area while we waited for jennifer and mom.

we went back to islands of adventure for another fun filled day of nothing. but before we even left the parking structure, it went all wrong.

being me, i am generally not in a happy mood. so when my sister says stupid wise cracks to me, i tend to erupt.

"did that shirt shrink? or did your boobs grow?"
"please dont look at my stomach" i replied

so jennifer proceeds to blatantly stare at my stomach. being the responsible young adult that i am, i did the only mature thing i could think of. i kicked her. then i proceeded to walk off by myself.

my parents could have caught up with me while i was in line to get into the park, but i guess they didnt wish to bother. (speaking of standing in line, behind me was a drunken redhead. she was smashed. the thought it was odd that there were so many black people around. i found her to be amusing because she would obviously not remember any of this the next morning. stupid drunkards.) so i walked around by myself for the next 3 hours or so. i rode rides and had a better time by myself than i would have with anyone else on this trip. eventually, i saw my dad, and we all ended up going to the hard rock to eat dinner.

i hate the hard rock.