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2001-08-03<>7:53 a.m.

the first joint we stayed at while in florida was the wyndham resort or something. it was basically an expensive looking motel.


we get in the room and my mom immediately starts caughing and sneezing because the mold made her athsma act up. the carpet was filthy and the shower curtian had mold on it (well, mine ad home does too, but we were paying to stay here, i do not pay to stay at home).

my sister was laying down to go to sleep, and all of a sudden, she yells "woah woah woah" and jumps up. there was a nice little blood stain on her pillow case. so my dad comes over to take a look at it. he takes off the pillow case and surprise! there was a blood stain on the pillow underneat where the spot was on the case.


my mom complained and all we got as a free breakfast out of it. which, i must say though, wasnt too bad.

so after one night at that hellish residence, we moved over to the amerisuites which is not all that far from universal studios. aside from our non-smoking room reeking of cigarette smoke, it wasnt that bad. not bad at all.

until there was a fire alarm at 3 am on floors 6 and 7. luckily, we were on floor 4, but let me tell you, there were a lot of grumpy people at the free continental breakfast (cereal, toast, something that looked like eggs) buffet the next morning.

after 4 nights at the amerisuites place, we moved to the embassy suites. we seem to stay only at embassy suites when we go somewhere (that is, if they have one in the town were going to, and if it has vacancy). anyway, that place was nice. the end.

oh, someone got robbed at the amerisuites on the floor above us the day we left. that was exciting. and also, someone got robbed at the embassy suites on the floor below us.

sheer excitement!

make no mistake, i like to sleep on the couch. i sleep on the couch all the time at home. its great. but i CANNOT sleep on pull out beds from couches. especially next to my sister.

i had a severe backache for a couple of days.

ahhhh.... the life.