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vacation: hard rock

2001-08-03<>8:12 a.m.

we went to the hard rock cafe in orlando one night to eat. the orlando hard rock is the largest hard rock in the world. hurray for it.

i ordered a turkey burger.

when i got it, it still had the wax paper (or whatever they seperate the patties with) on it. so i sent it back. when i finally got my replacement, it was missing the cheese. so the waiter brought me my cheese on the side, yay for that. i told him that i thought that i deserved a free dessert because of all of this. he said "ill see what i can do.

please keep in mind that we were all very friendly about this, i am just not writing it in a friendly way because i am tired of writing.

i ended up getting a free sundae! hurray!

that was the best part of the whole vacation.