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2001-07-19<>12:43 p.m.

today has been a very cleaning/organizing day.

i went through all of my photos that i could find that were not in albums already. then i seperated them and proceeded to put them into albums. i have an album of photos from my trip to main (the album which cynthias mother gave to me). and i have an album of just me and friends and stuff like that. i got this album at target the other day. its pretty damn him, and almost full. i must have at least 175 pictures in there. and the third pile is of pictures from shows and whatnot. i have yet to put those into a folder... because i havent done that yet. but i will, soon.

i went through some of my old papsers from school. found one more pages of neat doodles, which i havent scanned yet, but i might. i found some other neat documents which i kind of liked (my essay on how to wash chickens).

as i was cleaning off the rest of the filing cabinent, i found my folder that i kept all my 'zine stuff in. yes, i used to have a zine. the first two issues were called "gurg". as i looked through issue 1, it made me laugh at how stupid yet cool i was. okay, so i wasnt really cool. but i found myself to be somewhat humerous. maybe i am just laughing at my stupidity. here is a poem from issue two.

as i sit and listen
to my radio
i hear a sound
and i want to go

to the bathroom i went
i just sat and thank
of what i could do
with a fishing tank

id put in five or more
fish that is
and thats when i noticed
i was taking a whiz

you think of so much
sitting on the pot
you cant just choose
whether you will go or not

i thought somre more
and the more i thought
i thought that the thoughts
were thoughtfully thought

this poem make no sense
that you can see
but that is okay
well, it is for me

i needed something
to put in my zine
and thinking on the toilet
was the perfect thing.

after two issues of gurg, the title of my zine was '2-headed cat' after the aquabats song. yeah, i only did two issues of this also. thats how lame i am. i quit after that, because my work wasnt appreciated. eh... i dont blame anyone. i would appreciate this shit either.

uhh.. i guess thats the end of that story.

wow, i suck.