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2001-07-17<>10:48 p.m.

i feel horrible because i am being such a horrible girlfriend. lately, garrett has been nothing but super extremely nice to me. he even made me macaroni and cheese (even if it was in the microwave) and whatnot. but yeah, he is nice to me. but what do i do? im nothing but a mean, cold-hearted bitch to him.

why? i have no clue. dont get me wrong, i mean, there are still certian times when i am like "bah! i miss garrett," but other times, im just like... not like that. i feel guilty even writing about this because i know he reads.

i suppose that the overall point of this entry is that i am a bad girlfriend.

i used to wonder "how come i dont have a boyfriend?" but now that i have one... i think i could successfully answer that question.