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2001-07-18<>9:42 a.m.

i like to buy others gifts. but i need to stop because i am quickly running out of money. i have spent almost all of my graduation money already. ive got about $400 of $1100 left, and i had $300 before graduation. im going to be living in florida next year. that is a whole continent away from my parents. so i think i should have at least some money when over there.

but i like to buy gifts for other people!

yesterday, on oprah (kim was watching it at her house) it was about shopoholics. i am not one of those. but they also talked about some woman who bought love from her friends and family by buying them gifts. i hope i am not one of those people.

i remember one time ray said that rebekah just bought my friendship. that is false, but it really hurt rebekah. boooo to ray for that.

anyway... in summary: i like to buy things for people. but i am running out of money. i hope i dont buy friendships. (though, i probably do. who would want to be my friend otherwise?)